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About us...




As parents we have been involved in many preschool, school  and community fundraising events, and are always looking for innovative, wide appealing and simple ways to appeal to crowds.


After many many different activities and events we came upon the art of glitter tattoos.


After researching the concept we discovered Y-Body's quality products and are now proud to be New Zealand and Australian distributors of Y-Body glitter tattoos and acccessories.  Instantly appealing they are easy to use and catch the eyes of children and adults alike.


Y- Body glitter tattoos are made with superior materials and there are 100's of designs to choose from and for the right event we can even get designs custom made. 

The pink body glue cosmetic grade and is safe to use on children.


Y-Body glitter tattoos are simple to apply and add sparkle to any event from school galas to rock concerts

The glitters used are made from non-metallic materials and come in a rainbow of colours to appeal to everyone young and  old.

The glitter tattoos are quick and easy to apply and last 3-10 days.


We are excited to bring this wonderful product to New Zealand and Australia to add some sparkle to your day!

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