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Are Y-Body Glitter Tattoo's safe for use on Skin?

   - Yes they are, the products used are cosmetic grade and and the glitter used it is 100% polyester cosmetic grade glitter.


How long will my tattoo last?

   - Depending on how they are looked after glitter tattoos will last 3-10 days. Depending on your skin type and activity, glitter tattoos will last 3-10days. Body lotions, sweat and water may reduce the time the glitter tattoos last.


Can I get my tattoo wet?

   - Yes your glitter tattoo is completely waterproof, you can shower, bath, and swim and once you are done just pat it dry - do not rub as this will wear it off more quickly.


How can I remove the tattoo?

  - Any oil-based product such as baby oil, many essential oils (e.g lavender oil, tea tree oil etc) moisturiser or make-up remover can be used to aid in removal. The best way to remove is to put baby oil or alternative on skin and let it soak for a few minutes and then scrub off gently, this works best after a hot shower.


How long does Colorini last?

 - Colorini will last between 4-6days


How can I remove my Colorini Tattoo?

 - The Colorini tattoos are waterproof but they can be removed using alcohol.


Can I put glitter tattoos on the face?

-  It is not recommended to put glitter tattoos on the face - YBody glitter tattoos last for several days and as they come off glitter and glue could enter the eyes.


Is the Pink Body Glue hypoallergenic?

- yes the glue is hypoallergenic


Is the Pink Body Glue tested on animals?

- No the Pink Glue is not tested and animals and does not contain any animal products.


How long should I wait for the glue to dry before I apply the glitter?

- Once the glue is transperant and then you can easily apply the glitter, if you apply before the glue is dry enough your brush can become sticky with the excess glue.



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